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A day in the Anavilhanas National Park

The itinerary offers a light adventure, with an immersion into the rainforest and Amazonian culture.

  • Equipment: regional speedboat
  • Departure: 8am Manaus port
  • Return: 5:30pm Manaus port
  • Places visited: Anavilhanas Archipelago, lakes and islands of the lower Negro River.
  • Activities: Motorized canoe tour between the islands of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, igapó (flooded forest) tour, jungle walk, regional lunch, river swim, visit to a local indigenous community. Accompanied by a professional, bilingual, tour guide.


Navigation up the Negro River and into the Anavilhanas Archipelago

This tour focuses on the landscapes of terra firma (highland forest), the igapó (flooded forest), small river tributaries of the Brazil’s lower Negro River, and biodiversity of the rainforest in general.

Upon entering the Anavilhanas Archipelago and the first island you will enter a long lake, site of your first stop for a presentation by your guide. You will explore the surrounding igapó or (flooded forest), observing the many kinds of birds and other wildlife such as monkeys, dolphins and iguana.

Note: the flooded forest period is from Feb to May. At other times it may not be possible to enter this lake.

Following the right bank of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, you will make a second stop for a walk along a rainforest trail amidst the high trees of the primary forest (terra firma). Along the way your guide will show you a variety of medicinal plants: vines, edible fruits, seeds, and roots used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Note: this part of your adventure includes broken terrain with hilly slopes (often wet and muddy) and small streams to cross, and will demand some light effort. Your effort will be compensated, however, by a swim in the Negro River afterwards or in a small waterfall deep in the rainforest (September to December) during your walk.

A Lunch of typical Amazonian cuisine will be served at a local restaurant, and will include fish, salad, side dishes, as well as tropical fruits, juices and dessert.

The last part of your adventure includes a visit to an indigenous community of the Tatuyo people, located on the banks of the Negro River. The visit to the community includes meeting with families who work in tourism and produce their own handicrafts for sale to visitors. The leader of the Tatuyo will welcome you with a demonstration of rituals and dances typical of the Tatuyo people.

End of the tour and return to Manaus.

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