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Arquipélagos das Anavilhanas Viagens e Turismo, with offices in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, is an incoming tourism operator, specializing in boat cruises on the Amazon and Negro rivers, with their own boats and lodge.

For more than 20 years we have provided excellent service to our customers and suppliers.


Divina Viana


Arquipélago Tours
(Our agency)


Luana S.  Araújo
Edson S. Araújo Jr.


Green Paradise
(Our principal boat)



We travel aboard traditional Amazon river boats, designed to serve the contemporary adventure traveler. Our boats feature sleeping accommodation in hammocks, bathrooms with showers, kitchen and luggage storage, leisure area and comfortable tables and chairs.



We offer packages for Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism, and Passive Leisure Tourism (Navigation). On the Negro River we might contemplate the sunset, dive into warm waters, or rest upon deserted beaches free of mosquitoes.  We offer jungle adventure on long trails for adventurers and discussions about nature and the resources of the rainforest (medicinal uses and sustainability of the forest). Photography is ALWAYS a focus, as is the exploration of fluvial trails in canoes and camping in the jungle. Along the way we will take you to visit the many different peoples of traditional communities along the Negro River.

We’ll take you where you’ve never been before!

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Owner of this company, Divina Viana, is active in all areas of the company: administrative, commercial, and operational. Born in the Amazon and raised on the lower Negro River, she is a passionate voice for the Amazon and cares deeply for the people, resources, and natural attractions of the region.  She started her business alone- encouraged by people who were already in tourism- and has come to dedicate her life to her children and to her business. Her children have followed her example and share in the management of this unique company.



  • Develop a successful model of community-based and sustainable tourism for the people of the lower Negro River (and, in particular, Costa do Arara where the owner is from).
  • Contribute to the well-being of other women of the region and provide them with opportunities to produce and market their arts, crafts, social skills, traditional customs, and historical culture.
  • Make tourism an economic activity that contributes to a higher quality of life and improved community development.
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