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Anavilhanas National Park and traditional communities of the Negro River

Have you ever imagined being able to sail for 5 days and 4 nights on a tropical river and really get to know the people who live there, the foods they eat, and how they coexist with the rainforest around them? We invite you to embark with us on a unique itinerary, specially designed to take the traveler on a journey rich in natural and cultural attractions – an immersion into the mysteries of the rainforest, its rich biodiversity, and the knowledge of its forest peoples.

  • Support: traditional Amazonian river boats and house boats with accommodations in hammocks or comfortable, double bed, cabins.
  • Staff: on board your boat you’ll have a captain, a cook, and a bilingual guide's accompaniment during ALL your nature and jungle activities.
  • Service: Full board during your tour (breakfast, lunch and dinner daily).


Day 1 - Embark at 9am, Manaus port. Travel first to the famous “Meeting of the Waters”, where the Negro, Solimões, and Amazonas rivers meet. Stop for observation, photographs, and a presentation by your tour guide. 

Head towards Janauari Ecological Park, disembarking to explore a walkway through the treetops, visit a lake full of Vitoria Regia waterlilies and a craft fair frequented for decades by local residents and visitors alike. In the park, enjoy a motorized canoe tour to explore the area and (in season) the flooded forest or igapós (March to June). Return to the Negro River to overnight aboard your boat.

Day 2 - Observe and photograph Pink River Dolphins, (optional swim with the dolphins). Sail towards the Indigenous community of the TATUYO people, to be welcomed by community leaders who will present their culture during a demonstration of typical dances, in conversation, and through body painting and the sale of their handicrafts. Time to enjoy the beaches and a refreshing swim in the Negro River. Nighttime canoe tour to discover animals of the night such as alligators, owls, snakes and other wildlife. Sleep overnight in your boat again.

Day 3 - A day to enjoy a walk in the tropical rainforest with local guides, learn about the trees of the primary forest, vines, and edible fruits, as well as leaves, seeds and roots with medicinal and therapeutic powers.

Note: This adventure walk includes terrain with sloping and sometimes muddy hills, and demands some light effort…to be compensated, of course, by a swim in the Rio Negro afterwards or beneath a small waterfall deep in the forest (September to December)

At dusk, time to set up the camp and experience the Amazon rainforest in its fullest sense, camping overnight in the jungle with basic accommodations in  hammocks. Dinner will be prepared over an open fire… a time for relaxing, storytelling, and listening to the diverse sounds of the forest.

Day 4 – Sail up the Negro River and into the Anavilhanas Archipelago (a national park since 1981) with stops for observation and photography of the fauna and flora. Head towards the Cuieiras River to visit the indigenous  community of the CAMBEBA people (originally from the upper Solimões River and now residents in the Negro River). Meet with a true Amazon Shaman (medicine man) and enjoy his traditional ritual ceremony. Join the community in conversation during a walk through the community center, explore their craft fair and discover clothing made in the community by women artisans. Overnight in your boat on the Cueiras River.

Day 5 - Visit the indigenous community, Nova Esperança, to meet the BARE people (originally from the Upper Negro River).  Welcome presentation by the local Shaman of this community’s culture and history of its people. Walk through the community to observe their traditional houses, the community library, school, and where these people produce cassava flour from harvested Mandioca plants.

Note: This community represents a successful mixture of traditional indigenous customs and technology of the modern age.

End of the Anavillhanas Archipelago and traditional communities of the Negro River tour and return down the Negro River to Manaus.

Expected arrival time in Manaus port 5 pm.

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