Negro and Amazonas River


Meeting of the Waters

A basic itinerary for those who want to see meeting of the Negro and Solimões (Amazonas) rivers, observe the flora and fauna of nearby Lake Janauari Ecological Park, and experience the cultural riches of the Amazonian people, their cuisine, handicrafts etcetera.

  • Equipment: regional speedboat.
  • Departure: 8am Manaus port.
  • Return 5pm Manaus port.
  • Places visited: Meeting of the Waters (Negro, Solimões & Amazonas rivers) Lake Catalão and its community of houseboats, Lake Januari Ecological Park (seasonal flooded forest and floodplain).
  • Activities: tour of the Igapó (flooded forest), visit to an indigenous community, observation of dolphins, regional lunch, visit to a community of floating houses, pirarucu fish display. Accompanied by a professional, bilingual, tour guide.


Navigate the Negro River towards the Amazon River to observe pink river dolphins and take photographs. Continue to the indigenous community of the Tatuyo people where you will learn something of the culture of these indigenous peoples originally from the upper Negro River, and enjoy a presentation of typical dances, arts, and crafts including face painting using colored inks produced from rainforest plants.Continue your journey down the Rio Negro towards Lake Janauari Ecological Park and the flooded forest region (igapó) and Igarapés (river tributaries). Walk to see the famous Vitoria Regia waterlilies and aquatic plants typical of the Amazon region. At a floating restaurant in the park you will enjoy a regional lunch based on typical Amazonian cuisine (fresh fish, tropical fruits, natural juices etcetera).

Next to the park, you will visit a community of floating houses known as Catalão, where you will be able to see one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, Pirarucu (Arapaima Gigas), native to Amazon waters.

On the return to Manaus, you will make a final stop to observe the phenomenon known as the Meeting of the Waters, where the Rio Negro, Solimões and Amazonas rivers meet and do not mix…a unique experience, and a chance to contemplate the majestic rivers that surround the historic city Manaus, capital of the Amazon.

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